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APRIL 2018

This month's key message

I am safe. I am secure.

This month's theme is changing your relationship with conflict. Memories of conflict, anticipation of it as well as actual conflict can cause you to not have your back. I've discovered that even if you find conflict daunting, it's very possible to grow in your approach to it so that you can feel personally secure. There are simple but powerful shifts that you can make in the moment, that with practice, will allow you to feel empowered.

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THIS MONTH'S PRE-RECORDED WEBINAR: Change Your Relationship With Conflict In 5 Easy Steps

The Sacrifice-Resentment Dynamic

I speak to a lot of lovely people who struggle with a certain family member or even all of their family. They often feel unheard, unacknowledged, passed over and as if their supposed to brush the past under the carpet. At the same time, they also desire closer relationships with the said family member(s). What they're often unaware of is a hidden dynamic that's never going to lead to their happiness.

I created this guide after I saw this dynamic show itself in conversation after conversation. In the guide I explain how and why a sacrifice-resentment dynamic exists and how you can inadvertently be in the habit of competing with family members for what you feel that you're owed. What I share is a bit of an eye-opener. Brace yourself!

Get To Grips With Conflict & Criticism Situations

In this guide, I share tips and mindset shifts to help you create healthier boundaries in conflict and criticism situations. It includes guidance on the importance of not relying on text, social media etc to make your point, how to distinguish between the present and that person from your past who criticised you a lot or was combative, and why entering into situations as victim or defender puts you on the back foot.

Do I need to set a boundary about that person's behaviour or my own?

One of the things that people find most confusing about boundaries is working out whether they need to set boundaries for somebody who they feel has crossed the line. This short guide explains the two-fold approach of boundaries so that you don't burn up time, energy, effort and emotions trying to 'make' people see and do things your way.

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