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example image of a PDF worksheet

example image of a PDF worksheet

PDFs work on every operating system – Mac OS, PC, mobile and tablet devices. Adobe Reader is free so there isn’t any reason not to view a PDF plus the likes of Preview come built-in with Macs, and mobile devices are designed to open PDFs.

All files are hosted on, a cloud storage provider (like Dropbox, it’s a service that allows me to store and access files from anywhere and share them with others). Please note that these are private links and shouldn’t be shared elsewhere.

Most computers are now set up to open a downloaded PDF in Adobe Preview, but we recommend that you open your file (if you’re using a computer) in either Adobe Reader or Preview. Close the preview version and re-open in the appropriate program.

IMPORTANT: For the optimum viewing experience and so that you can edit (if it’s an editable PDF), we do not recommend that you view files in your web browser. This is not the same as viewing the actual downloaded file.

If you don’t have Adobe Reader yet, you can get it for free at: Please make sure you’re using the most recent version. Adobe Reader (or Preview for MAC) will work for any of the editable Self Sheets and worksheets that are provided on this website as well as all ebooks. Please make sure that you check your settings if you’re on a PC and ensure that it defaults to opening in Adobe Reader.

If you type into an editable PDF, as opposed to printing it out, you will need to do a ‘save as’ (note that this is with regards to using a computer – Mac or PC). On a Mac, I go to ‘file’ -> duplicate. This saves a copy of the file with the edits in it. Again, make sure you download the file before you start editing.

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