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Break The Cycle of Obsessing & Ruminating 1 hour

Sometimes we don’t even realise that we’ve become stuck in a cycle of thinking about something, or that we’re going round in circles or back and forth about something or someone. This is obsessing and ruminating, and it’s happening because something from the past is calling on our attention so that we can heal, grow and move on. This class breaks down what’s going on, why, and how to break the cycle of obsessing.





Need a quick overview of obsessing and ruminating? Check out my Curb Your Obsession guide in the foundational resources. 

For a deep-dive into The Lean Period, check out my vintage masterclass, Transform Obsessing With Self-Compassion, or listen to episode 137 of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions Podcast

‘Locate The Source of Your Ruminating & Obsessing’ helps you to identify and locate the original source. Download the pdf here

‘How To Keep a Log of Your Cues & Triggers’ guides you through how to log incidences of obsessing and ruminating so that you intervene on habits of thinking and behaviour that are holding you back. Download the pdf here.



I refer to foundational resources time and again. These tools are core to your self-care journey, helping you to become more mindful about the thoughts that you feed you and the way that you treat you so that you can heal as you go, show up in your relationships, and be, do and have more of your desires. In particular, The Unsent Letter Guide and Clearing & Releasing Emotional Charge are are pivotal in processing the baggage behind your resistance to self-forgiveness.


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