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Welcome to The Hub. This is your dashboard from where you access Reclaimer Membership, courses, and handy information to help you make the most of your time here.


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I run live masterclasses on Zoom on some months instead of (or alongside) pre-recorded material. They’re normally 60-90 minutes including Q&A, and all members and students have the option of coming along.

Watch previous live classes here. If you have Reclaimer Membership, they’re in the masterclasses section

Upcoming: TBC

Most recent: Circle of Trust: Discover who you really are, Stop Settling For Less! Getting Set Up For The Year Ahead, The Friendship Reboot (available in masterclass section), How To Live a Self-Care-Driven Lifestyle, Unlearning Not Loving Yourself: A Self-Love Masterclass, How To Start Meeting Your Emotional Needs When You Don’t Know How, The 7 D’s of Dating (and Relationship) Dysfunction, Boundaries At Work and The Compatibility Factor.

Watch previous live classes here.



>> 30% discount in the Baggage Reclaim store using the code schoolstudent at checkout (this excludes courses)
>> Access to any additional classes or resources that get added to your course in the period you’re a member.
>> Renewal at a low price – get in touch if you would like to extend your course.
>> Discounts on additional courses.


>> Membership of the private Facebook group. (join here). Please make sure that you answer the approval questions to avoid delay.



Office Hours are generally held on a Wednesday (occasionally Mondays) from 12.30 – 2.30 British time. Check your timezone.
Submission instructions along with the form are here. A link to the form is also included in the email notification you receive about Office Hours.


Please note: April’s Office Hours has moved to the 21st in line with the new schedule and it being hosted on Zoom. You will receive an email about it, but just in case, this is the Zoom link, password reclaimer. 7.30pm BST (2.30 EST, 11.30 am PST)

Reclaimer Membership: January 20th, February 17th, March 17th, April 21st, May 19th, June 16th

(Note: bolded months are pre-scheduled two-question per member sessions and ‘M’ means Monday session)

Break The Cycle (students from April 27th 2020 onwards) – January 6th + 20th, February 3rd + 17th, March 3rd + 17th, April 14th, May 19th, June 16th 

Send in your question.

Build Your Self-Esteem – follow Break The Cycle schedule. Send in your question and it will be answered in the next available session (or earlier depending on my schedule).

Following each Office Hours session, the questions and answers are made available in The Answer Bank. Names are not included.


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