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As part of your course, you have an opportunity for feedback via the following methods:

The secret Facebook group. It’s a very supportive and collaborative environment. You don’t have to join but if you do, you will see I am very active in there. Details of how to get involved can be found in The Hub.

Office Hours sessions. These are sessions I hold which allow you to submit any personal questions you have. The schedule can be found in The Hub along with a link to The Answer Bank which has all previous questions and answers. Office Hours sessions are only available to students who have a subscription, you’ll be able to find out more in The Hub.


Homework / Self Sheets

Homework isn’t mandatory and doesn’t need to be completed if you don’t wish to, although it’s of course very beneficial if you do. I want you to get the most out of the course so, of course, I want you to do as much reading, writing, and thinking as possible!

I will stress again though that the courses are self-paced. Do homework in your own time and don’t put yourself under immense pressure – all courses have access beyond the length of the course.

The idea of homework is to engage with a subject deeper, to question yourself and start a habit of having an ongoing dialogue with you. Some homework forms part of assessment – there is likely at least one form of assessment and evaluation as part of your course, so it’s particularly beneficial to submit these pieces of work.

All homework will help you learn more about you.

In some instances you may feel that you require some personal feedback from Natalie – if this is the case, please use the appropriate course email. Please note though that you don’t have to get feedback on every piece – this isn’t like ‘school, school’. As you can imagine, there may be a number of people all looking for personal feedback so please be patient and help to keep response times on track by not expecting to get a novel back.

If you can, try to put questions forward in the Office Hours sessions or post a comment in the secret and private Facebook group.

Please don’t send private messages to me or the school manager on Facebook looking for feedback or technical support. Aside from the fact that it’s likely to get missed, but our actual FB accounts are for personal use, and I provide several channels for getting feedback that there really is no need to use this one.

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