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Getting Started

• Module 1 Understanding The ‘Concept’ of Self-Esteem
• Module 2 Boundaries
• Module 3 Values
• Module 4 Beliefs
• Module 5 Blame & Fear
• Module 6 Clearing Out – Forgiveness, Self-compassion & Empathy
• Module 7 Releasing Fear – Getting To Grips With Rejection, Conflict, & Criticism
• Module 8 Self-Care

• Evolve the perception of you that you entered into the course with and begin building up your self-esteem
• Gain a solid understanding of self-esteem and all of the vital components
• Increase your self-awareness by growing your self-knowledge
• Learn how to process your past and how to work through difficult experiences and feelings
• Adapt habits of thinking and behaviour so that you have an active response in situations where you’ve typically been passive.

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