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Getting Started On Your BS Diet

You've likely seen me refer to a Bullshit (BS) Diet on a number of occasions here, at Baggage Reclaim and in my books. In short, it's about reducing the amount of BS in your life generated by false beliefs, denial, rationalising, mininimising, assumptions, excuses, blame, shame, holding onto rejection, and other such things that essentially distort your perspective and reduce your self-esteem and happiness. If you have low self-esteem, it is directly proportional to the amount of BS you have in your life, hence if you want to feel better about you and to lead a happier life, cut the BS - that's yours and those around you.

Over the duration of the Build Your Self-Esteem course, I've essentially been talking about subjects and providing tips and tools for reducing BS. Resources like the Fear Busting Workbook, The Blame Buster, Get Out Of Stuck, Unsent Letters and the values worksheets help you to connect with your truth and to let go of toxic stuff that is of no benefit to you.

Oh it may feel like these things 'benefit' you, but all of the things that you do that detract from your self-esteem and make it difficult for you to find the energy to make change and to make yourself happy have short-term benefits and when you think that there are benefits beyond this, it's because they help you to avoid other things that you don't want to face and stop you from taking action.

Cut the BS by increasing action, perspective and the amount of self-love in your life. You will not build your self-esteem if you spend most of your time in your mind, but not out there creating action that corresponds with the work that you are doing on yourself. It's like laying down a brick and then taking out another from underneath. Where your mind resists, if you keep up with the action and challenge your thinking habits by questioning what you think and not holding onto BS, you will find that your mind starts to catch up with the work that you're doing.

Going on a BS Diet means reducing the amount of dishonesty in your life and the truth is, a lot of it comes from your own corner. Everyone has their own mind and bodies which means that the work you are doing is about improving your own life, not changing people around you. You will find when you engage in being honest even if what you learn is not the greatest of news, such as recognising that someone isn't what you thought they were or that they're not going to meet your expectations, that you have far less opportunities to be hurt and you will look out for your best interests. You will be disappointed at times, but you will see the blessing in this path presenting itself.

It's important for me to add that there is always a little BS in our lives and this is OK. When you have good self-esteem because you're taking care of you, not running around engaging in unhealthy situations and believing in other people's BS, you'll know that you're fine. We're all prone to a little BS (I've sworn I'll get up extra early all summer and it has not happened once) and I've also been thinking about exercising more which hasn't translated into actual exercise and I have a TODO list so fricking long that I'm going to be busy for quite a while. But I know exactly what my BS is and whenever I have any BS that starts to weigh me down, I tackle it and I am proactively seeking to tackle all the BS in my life.

I will also add that I'm not training you to be the BS Police. If you know that someone is BS'ng you, you don't have to join them in the BS and you can get on with your own truth. You may find that they face their BS or at least know not to pull it with you, or they'll jog on. Correcting other people's BS while not addressing your own is disingenuous. It's also about not blowing smoke up people's bums, overempathising, and seeing them in a better light than they actually are.

Seeing the best in people is reality.

It's also safe to say that we cannot expect from others what we don't expect from ourselves.

Every single person who I have corresponded with on this course has indicated that they want to be loved. Well guess what? If you expect others to love you and accept you, you'd better start by loving and accepting you right this minute! And then keep choosing to accept and treat you with love day after day after day. To do anything else and then to expect a different result is - you guessed it - bullshit.

I have put together some mini classes with ideas and tools for reducing BS in your life - these are on your course page in the self sheets section of this module. This is also a great opportunity to be assertive in your own life and look at where you can reduce or eliminate obvious BS in your life. If you try something, do share it over in the Facebook group.

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