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Hands On: Creating Your NC & Post NC Timeline

Being visual with this NC process and projects you have planned moving forward can help you to make plans and maintain accountability. By creating a timeline of the chain of events and projects you have planned, you can keep your mind focused on positive things that create results for you and move your life forward instead of being focused solely on attending to a breakup.

  • Use the project boxes to cover off areas like things that you highlighted on the Stop Start Continue worksheet
  • Create a to-do list and organise it into projects
  • Mark off big plans around health, fitness, work, family and friends
  • Mark when the breakup was
  • Mark when you started NC
  • Mark if you've broken NC
  • Mark when you've restarted
  • You might want to do it week to week or month to month
  • If what you're experiencing is more than one year, just copy and paste the timeline in below the current one, so that you could for instance see two years
  • You may find marking out this timeline will help you identify overall patterns in your breaking up and getting back together or with making contact.
  • Highlight achievements you've already made during this period as it's easy to focus on what you're not doing

The worksheet is available from the Help Yourself section of your course page.