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Let’s get breakups figured out!

As a quick refresher, How To Break Up is a short but powerful course that teaches you all about how to end relationships without losing your self-esteem (or oodles of time) in the process. While learning how to break up doesn’t mean that there won’t be any discomfort or even pain when you have to walk away, what it does mean is that you will be and do less of the things that contribute to:

  • feeling increasingly worse about yourself and the situation
  • going back and forth with your ex despite how damaging it is to your sense of self or the fact that you’re not in the relationship you truly need, desire or deserve
  • not bothering to break up at all and so remaining stuck

The course is in two parts – go through the mindset classes so that you can make a shift around the way in which you view ending relationships and then go through the practical classes so that you can address how to build your confidence in this area.

You have one year’s access to the material — go at a pace that suits you.

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