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Let’s get breakups figured out!

Getting To Grips With The Concept of a Breakup audio | slides

Your Associations With Breakups audio | slides

Knowing When To Break Up audio | slides

The Breakup Stumbling Blocks audio | slides

Let’s Talk About The Hurt audio | slides

In Class #2, I explained associations and how they have a significant impact on your mindset and approach to break-ups.

  • Download my clearing and releasing guide so that you’re ready to do the follow-up task.
  • Get some paper or a journal/notebook (along with a pen, glass of water and sit down somewhere comfy, and write down what springs to mind when you consider your memories of the following:

Breaking up, disappointment, rejection, grief, hurt, a sense of being replaced, loss, things that people have said to you (or that you’ve heard in the past about break-ups, and basically anything that springs to mind as a memory when you think about breaking up.

  • Do it in bullet form e.g. When [my first boyfriend] dumped me for my so-called best friend, When dad left mum and we didn’t see him again for ages
  • Anything and everything that springs to mind, no matter how ‘irrelevant’ you might think something is, write it down. Don’t omit anything.
  • Even though you don’t think something’s relevant, the fact that it sprung to mind means that it is relevant. Keep in mind that your memories won’t all be about your experiences.

Everything that you have written down is what you on some level associate with breakups.

Read through the list and notice the ones that bring up some level of emotional response.

Now do the work in the clearing and releasing guide.

What Is A Traditional Break-Up?

If you’ve previously been through the experience of No Contact or just want to get a sense of how a break-up can be when each party tries to respect themselves and the other. I use the term ‘traditional break-up’ in my book, The No Contact Rule, to highlight the differences between a relationship that needs it versus one that doesn’t. I’ll talk some more about No Contact in Week Two. | READ THE GUIDE

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