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How To Use Mindfulness To Break A People-Pleaser Habit 49 minutes

This masterclass is an expanded version of a talk I gave at The Mindful Living show. In it, I break down roles, and how  your pleasing masks hidden frustration, hurt, loss and, yes, rage. Discover why it’s so important to break free of the habits by cutting them down, and I share powerful yet easy-to-implement strategies for reclaiming you from this habit. If you feel as if it’s your job to be a certain type of person, that you’re going to hurt or offend others by being more you, or you regularly feel anxious, overwhelmed, burdened, resentful, victimised or passed over, this is the class for you. 







‘Explore Your Motivations (and the Costs) of People Pleasing’

It’s all too easy to get caught up in habits that, it turns out, only have very short-term payoffs but longer-term hangovers. This worksheet will help you to uncover hidden motivations for your habit as well as the truth of why you do what you do. Download the PDF here.

‘Understanding The Connection Between Rejection and People Pleasing’ 

Use this worksheet to uncover how fear of rejection is playing a role in your people-pleasing habit as well as to identify alternative responses that help you take care of you. Download the pdf here.

How To Say No – The Scripts

One of the things that many pleasers struggle with is confidently asserting themselves in situations where they need and/or want to say no. Help is at hand with almost 200 adaptable scripts for a variety of situations.

Download the guide here.  


I refer to foundational resources time and again. These tools are core to your self-care journey, helping you to become more mindful about the thoughts that you feed you and the way that you treat you so that you can heal as you go, show up in your relationships, and be, do and have more of your desires. In particular, The Unsent Letter Guide and Clearing & Releasing Emotional Charge are are pivotal in processing the baggage behind your resistance to self-forgiveness.  

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