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I’m ready to cut unhealthy ties so that I can welcome more nourishing ones.

This month’s theme is healthy ties. Getting conscious about the energetic and emotional ties that are harming us by recreating old patterns and holding us back, allows us to cut those ties so that we can replace them with healthier ones.  I share a simple but powerful process for releasing you from harmful ties, right on time for a fresh start in the new year.

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THIS MONTH'S PRE-RECORDED WEBINAR: Making Space For More Loving Connections & Relationships






The Library Podcast Ep 9: How Nat Learned To Cut Unhealthy Ties

Each month you will enjoy access to a podcast episode created exclusively for members where I will share on an experience I’ve been through and highlight ways to get out of your own way, how to reduce ‘baggage’, and how to turn those head-wrecking and painful experiences into a gift.

Listen below or download here.

Grounding Exercise

Find a comfy spot to sit down where you can plant your feet on the floor (I prefer to be without shoes), close your eyes, and visualise that you are a big, sturdy oak tree and that your feet are the roots. Visualise the roots going into the earth, going right down into the soil and reaching out in various directions in the soil. And then imagine that you’re surrounded in a bubble of light of any colour. All done. Probably takes one to three minutes.

Grounding Exercise (Audio)

Listen below or download here.

Recognising Feelings Guide

Part of recognising harmful ties is being able to recognise the feelings they prompt. This guide is all about this, explaining fear, anger, sadness and happy feelings so that you can feel more confident and aware, making way for the emotional growth that comes with shifting out of the past.


Uncovering Your Core Beliefs Quiz

Use this quiz to identify core beliefs and then follow up with the accompanying answer sheet. Use in conjunction with the Get Out of Stuck Guide in the foundational resources.



Uncovering Your Core Beliefs Answers

Don't look at these answers until you've completed the quiz.



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Mini videos about boundaries

Boundaries define what you say and show yes and no to

More On What Saying Yes & No Is About

Boundaries Give You An Active Response



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