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This month's key message

I value being true to myself.

This month’s theme is about congruency – showing up in a way that shows that you are in agreement with your own values and so being compatible and in harmony with you. When we vary who we are to suit a situation or what we’re trying to get, we not only end up confusing and losing ourselves but we send out mixed messages to those around us, particularly around our boundaries and what speaks for our character. When we bring ourselves into alignment by matching what we do and how we approach life with our values, we experience less stress, drama, resentment and more. We also allow ourselves to grow so that we can truly reach for what we want to be, do and have.

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What Are My Values?

This is one of my favourite resources for exploring values. It’s not an exhaustive list but it’s got a helluva lot of values for you to get your teeth into and get a sense of what your priorities are in terms of character and basically what you need in order to go towards the things you want to be, do and have. You will notice as well that if you prioritise certain values then this in itself implies other values, so there’s actually a great deal of freedom in getting a sense of what matters most to you. You might find it handy to use a dictionary to check, not just values that you might be unfamiliar with but also values that you espouse as being what speak for you.

values worksheet

Circle of Trust

This simple but powerful exercise helps you to understand the beauty of boundaries and how when you embrace them, they help you to welcome what you desire. They can be an invitation for good and you can consciously choose the experiences, things and people that are congruent with your values.

This exercise takes in what I have shared about the importance of having a Circle of Trust. For more information on this, check out these posts:

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Your Big Beautiful Boundaries

Core & Secondary Values overview

Use this quick guide to discern the difference between core and secondary values.

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