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JULY 2016


I deserve a mutually fulfilling loving relationship

This month’s theme is loving relationships. When you become more self-aware, you break habits that are getting in the way of you enjoying mutual love, care, trust and respect. You also stop feeling like you’re “not good enough” and start to see you and the possibilities for your relationships in a more realistic and loving light. There is no need to sell you short in your relationships by settling for less than what you need, desire and deserve.

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This month's pre-recorded webinar: You're Not Going Crazy. They're Unavailable.




The Library Podcast Ep 3: How Nat stopped driving herself crazy

Each month you will enjoy access to a podcast episode created exclusively for members where I will share on an experience I’ve been through and highlight ways to get out of your own way, how to reduce ‘baggage’, and how to turn those head-wrecking and painful experiences into a gift.

Listen below or download here.

Build Detailed Pattern Profiles

This worksheet will enable you to compare the positive and negative traits, as well as any standout behaviours (positive or negative), things they’ve said, how you’ve felt, and what you do around the key players in your life-–mother/father/caregiver, possibly a sibling or other pivotal relative, or a bully, abuser, an ex or exes, a boss, friend, a frustrating coworker, or any other significant person in your past/present–you will see similarities and repetition, i.e. your pattern.


Releasing Fear: Increasing Self-Awareness By Improving Self-Knowledge

The reason why you have a pattern of thinking and behaviour that’s working against you is due to lack of self-knowledge. The more you strive to open up your awareness about your true self and to consciously align your habits with this, is the more self-aware you are and ultimately the more that your pattern adapts or completely changes.  I’ve put together this list of exercises and tips for improving your knowledge of who you are.
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Do you have type?

If you have a type and it’s not working for you, you can immediately learn something that can give you some valuable insight and an area to address – you are stubborn. This means that in spite of compelling reasons to change course, you’re sticking with your course of action and thinking. You can then evaluate whether this dogged determination not to change is showing up in another facets of your life, such as being reluctant to opt out of a situation or assert yourself. Have a go at this exercise to see if you have a type.


Getting Personally Secure: Moving Past Fear of Abandonment & Codependency

This class discusses codependency with examples of how codependency manifests, with a link to abandonment. There’s a helpful and detailed list of tips and actions to move forward.

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The Voids & Filling Up

In this activity, I want you to get to grips with the origins of your current needs,expectations, and wishes and get a handle on where you are trying to get various people in adulthood to fill voids and meet unfulfilled needs from childhood. This exercise is illuminating because you will very quickly understand where you are putting you in a child-to-parent role and giving away your power plus you will also get a very clear view on things that you can specifically address to ensure that you are stepping up for your own needs and expectations. 

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Is It Time To Change Your Default Routes Of Thinking & Behaviour?




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