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JUNE 2017

This month's key message

I am open to discovery and allowing life to unfold.

This month’s theme is about getting grounded in more awareness and knowledge. Part of what causes us a great deal of emotional and mental stress is where we don't recognise where we're being tripped up by our own expectations and assumptions. By recognising where everyone experiences blind spots, you can become more conscious, aware and present, and this can have a profound impact on your wellbeing as well as your interpersonal relationships and general experiences.

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THIS MONTH'S PRE-RECORDED WEBINAR: 5 Key Expectation & Assumption Pitfalls To Avoid For Happier Experiences

Audio Class & E-Guide

I teach a series of lessons about emotional unavailability via a 5-day email series that have the aim of helping you to gain clarity about your relationship experiences. Gain clarity about what it is that you really want and need, why an unavailable relationship may have seemed like a viable option to you, and what you need to say no to if you're wanting to say yes to a loving relationship. This audio class accompanies my Are You The Fallback? guide (download it below), which is an ideal read if you suspect that you have a pattern of unavailable relationships but you don't know why.

Listen below or download here.


are you the fallback?

E-guide: The A-Z of Tricky Family Member Issues

Family are our first experience of life including dealing with other people, conflict, criticism, stress, disappointment, rejection and loss. What many people are unaware of is that some, if not many of their habits of thinking and behaviour, including what they perceive as 'normal', which influences not only what they expect and assume, but also how open they are to getting to know people, stems from their experiences with family.

The aim of this guide is to give you the lowdown on the typical behaviours and dynamics that lead to, not just a pattern of tensions and problems with a particular family member or an entire family, but that also impact on your sense of self. If you repeatedly experience certain issues with family, you can be sure that this has affected your perception, not just of what you think you are to blame for, but what you might see as your ‘role’ in life.

The A-Z of Tricky Family Member Issues






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