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Lesson thirteen: Tips For Identifying The Fallout

In lesson 12, you were uncovering the perceived benefits of having and acting upon a particular belief. A lot of the time, identifying The Payoff results in you discovering what you get to avoid as well as what you perceive as the short-term and instant gratification benefits.

By catering to the self-fulfilling prophecy of your beliefs, on some level, you have an idea of how this is all going to pan out, and so you’re also adopting a long-shot mentality where you come up with these predictions which are a long shot in terms of any genuine medium to long-term benefit, and so in doing so, you quietly accept failure from the outset. Of course, this in itself, along with the negative consequences of pursuing The Payoff, ends up compounding your negative beliefs.

Today it’s time to look at the flip side of any gains that you’ve felt that you were making with The Payoff. It’s time to examine the true cost of your beliefs.

Things to consider:

• What are the negative consequences of acting on the Starting Point or that I experience with the Payoff?
• Which negative beliefs and reasoning does it validate and confirm about me?
• What are the negative emotions I experience as a result of the Starting Point? Why? – Write down the emotions and the thoughts, actions, and other emotions they set off in you. For instance, I feel a deep sense of loss and abandonment all over again and I berate and neglect me for putting me through it all again and reconfirming what I already know.
• Is anything I feel or experience familiar? Does acting out my beliefs and chasing these gains, put the past on repeat? What does experiencing the self-fulfilling prophecy and The Fallout, remind me of from my past?
• What messages do I berate me with?
• What does my inner critic have to say about it?
• What do I blame me for?
• What are the reasons I use to justify/rationalise what I’ve experienced?
• What do I feel ashamed about?
• What do I wish I could go back and change?
• What do I feel frustrated about?
• What are my disappointments?
• Am I hearing messages that I’ve been listening to since childhood? What are they?

List the beliefs that you identify as a result of discovering the Fallout. Also, list any memories that come up – these likely have significant associations for you that support your reasoning. Keep a note of these as lesson 19 will help you to reorganise these so that when you transform your beliefs, you don’t keep thinking that it’s ‘wrong’ due to still having these associations working behind the scenes.

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