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• Know how patterns work and their key elements.
• Know the three key components of habits and how these fit into your pattern.
• Identify at least 3-5 themes and elements that are part of your pattern.
• Increase self-knowledge by identifying how self-aware you are and the areas of work.
• Begin organising known habits into sequences.

The importance of Practicing Mindfulness On Your Pattern Breaking Journey & Beyond

Getting Conscious About Patterns Transcript | Audio | Slides

The Elements of Patterns Transcript | Audio | Slides

Intro To Self-Awareness Transcript | Audio | Slides

Cues, Triggers and Responses Transcript | Audio

Understanding Habits – Cues, Triggers, Responses and How They Drive Your Pattern Slides


Keep track of your progress as you work through the course. Remember it’s self-paced, and you have access for a year.


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