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MODULE 2 – Origins

Know the origins of your pattern including early and pivotal experiences which you have learned your habits from.
• Identify memories and experiences that have influenced your self-image as well as the story you tell you.
• Use the knowledge gained and increase self-awareness by comparing significant people in your life and then identifying patterns and recurring themes
• Think about your past and the thought processes that have brought you to this juncture with more self-compassion.

Introduction To The Origins Of Your Habits & Patterns Transcript | Audio | Slides

How You’ve Picked Up Messages From Your Parents Transcript | Audio | Slides

Is It Time To Change Your Default Routes Of Thinking & Behaviour? Transcript | Audio

Why My Pattern Changed

Building Detailed Pattern Profiles – Activity Guide

Building Detailed Pattern Profiles  (Editable PDF)

First Memories | Self Sheet (Editable PDF)

Exploring Patterns From Childhood | Journaling Guide (PDF)

The Voids & Filling Up Exercise | Self Sheet (Editable PDF)

How To Self-Soothe | ebook | Quick Exercise Also check out the affirmations guide in the ‘extras’ section


These classes are from the archive but are still relevant to this module.

Very Common Patterns Part 1

Very Common Patterns Part 2 


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