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MODULE 4 – Beliefs

• Have a detailed, working knowledge of beliefs and the importance of mindfulness about what you are affirming about you.
• Identify your reasoning habits and the narrative that’s been running your pattern.
• Locate the Payoff and Fallout of your beliefs.
• Can assess your beliefs and use evidence identified to transform them into more realistic, self-supporting beliefs.
• Can re-explain a story about a previous experience with increasing self-compassion.

The Get Out Of Stuck Guide is 21 lessons where I’ll share life-changing insights that have transformed the way I see me as well as how I make the journey that is my life. I first wrote Get Out Of Stuck as a mini ebook guide in September 2010, and since then, thousands of readers have used it to shake up their perspective and to break unhealthy patterns of thinking and behaviour. The new edition is delivered over twenty-one lessons.

A huge part of my journey to healthier self-esteem and relationships has been about uncovering my underlying beliefs and gaining a balanced, sometimes more adult perspective. Over the  21 lessons, I’m going to share my insights, tips and tools for helping you do this for yourself. I’m going to help you change the meaning, change the feeling, and change the nature of your journey through life. You’re not here to reinforce the worst of what you believe about you; you’re here to enjoy discovering and being your true self.

The Get Out Of Stuck Guide is now available to you, you will also be able to access it via The Hub.

Are You A Perfectionist? | Audio

What Type of Perfectionist Are You? | Audio

Do You Engage In Patterns of Destructive Thinking? | Audio

This week, there are plenty of questions for exploration within each of your classes.

Work Out Your Story | Self Sheet | Editable PDF – goes with lesson 14  from the Get Out of Stuck guide.

Core Beliefs | Journaling Guide | Editable PDF


Beliefs & How They Make Up A Fundamental Part of Your Pattern


Keep track of your progress as you work through the course. Remember it’s self-paced, and you have access for a year.


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