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Module 4 – Beliefs


  • Know how beliefs are central to your self-concept
  • Have tools to begin healing the thinking attached to past experiences


  • Identify your core beliefs especially any that are distorting your self-image and influencing unproductive habits
  • Uncover your motivations for your habits so that you can begin taking command of your responses
  • Use the lessons and worksheets to begin the work of balancing and transforming your beliefs
Working Out Your Beliefs – What’s Really Driving You? Read | Listen

Origins – Understanding fixed beliefs. Read | Listen

Rooting Out Your Fixed Beliefs. Read | Listen

Are You A Perfectionist? Read | Listen

Are You A People Pleaser? Read

Understanding Autonomy & Why Your Rights Are Being Compromised As A People Pleaser. Read

Are You Hobbling Yourself At The Starting Blocks With These Limiting Beliefs? Read

My Rights Versus Those Of Others. Editable PDF Worksheet One | Editable PDF Worksheet Two

Transforming Negative Beliefs. Editable PDF


These are core resources that are the foundations of the Baggage Reclaim philosophy. I refer to them time and time and time again—they are all powerful tools that have been a fundamental part of my own transformation.

Journaling Tips

Self-Care Practices For Working With Me

Feelings Diary | Journaling Guide

The Unsent Letter Guide

How to Write Letters to Your Younger Self

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