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This module is all about boundaries. Learn about how to use healthy boundaries to discover where you end and others begin so that you can liberate you from situations that have typically taxed you, as well as move on from the past and reduce emotional baggage. Find out what boundaries are, their purpose, the difference between boundaries and walls, and the fundamental principle that when applied, helps you to go forth with loving boundaries

An Introduction To Boundaries audio | slides

Let’s Talk About Walls audio | slides

Embracing Healthy Boundaries audio | slides

Owning Your Own audio | slides


Each week, I will include a few handy tasks and resources. All are optional, of course, but, highly recommended if you want to get the most out of the course. And no, you do not need to do every single journaling prompt.

Uncovering Your Walls Exercise| Download the editable PDF

Armadillo & Your Circle of Trust

(Watch the short video below)

100 Days of Baggage Reclaim | Week 6

As proof of how small habits can make a profound difference, this book and journaling guide has helped thousands of people to take small steps every day and as part of Build Your Self-Esteem, I’m including it to help you enjoy the wisdom, tips, tools and journaling prompts that I share. Each week of the course, you will receive 7 days of the prompts…plus a little extra. I recommend just doing one per day (doesn’t need more than 5-10 minutes) although, of course, you can opt to do them all in one go. | Download the PDF


Clearing & Releasing Emotional Charge

Module intro video
An Introduction To Boundaries
Let's Talk About Walls
Embracing Healthy Boundaries
Owning Your Own
Uncovering Your Walls Exercise
Armadillo & Your Circle of Trust (video & link)
100 Days of Baggage Reclaim | Week 6

These are core resources that are the foundations of the Baggage Reclaim philosophy. I refer to them time and time and time again—they are all powerful tools that have been a fundamental part of my own transformation.

Clearing & Releasing Emotional Charge

How To Self-Soothe

Get Out Of Stuck | Beliefs Prompt | Get Out Of Stuck Quick Sheet | Beliefs Brainstorm Worksheet

Journaling Tips

Self-Care Practices For Working With Me

Feelings Diary | Journaling Guide

The Unsent Letter Guide

How to Write Letters to Your Younger Self


So, we’ve established that boundaries are there to help you out and if you pay attention to warning signs that you are overloaded and basically that something or someone is sapping your energy, you can assert your boundaries, even if it’s ‘just’ with you, so that you get grounded in self-care. Next time you feel a sudden slump in your energies after someone has upset and/or drained you, make a note of what you’re feeling, where it’s showing up in your body, how it actually felt to be around this person and how it affected your mindset, attitude and behaviour. What you’re experiencing is your body’s way of letting you know that you need to refuel and have better boundaries around this person and/or in similar types of situation. You no longer have to leak energy or leak as much as you have previously because you can be mindful in these situations going forward.


Another handy trick I learned from my acupuncturist, Silvio, and after using it many times, I know that it works because it’s a mindset shift that causes you to be mindful of your energies rather than diving in and waiting until you’re knee-deep in problems. Before you enter into situations where there’s going to be lots of people or you suspect that you might get drained out, say to yourself, “I’d like to put a protective cloak of light around the edges of my energy. I’m sending back all of the energy that doesn’t belong to me and I’m calling back the energy that is mine” and then visualise yourself being surrounded in a bubble of light. Might sound woo-woo but it’s all about setting you up to succeed and protecting your energies so that you have them for the things, people, projects and opportunities that matter most to you.


A sure-fire sign that someone has crossed your boundaries and/or that you’re crossing your boundaries, is when your inner critic is on a rampage and giving you a hard time. Remember that your inner critic will criticise no matter what you do but if it’s loud, it’s because you’re being pushed to take assertive action and basically stand up for yourself (to yourself and potentially others, even if that quite simply means showing up). Next time the inner critic is busy, note what you were or are doing, who was around and what you did or didn’t do. Did you break a commitment to you? Did you put someone else ahead of you and end up sidelined? Yeah, your inner critic is rude but what it is letting you know is that you need to boss up. And yeah, of course it might moan about your boundaries but pay attention because the ferocity of the moaning or language may be very different to say, when you are busting your boundaries.

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