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Module 8 – Self Care


  • Have guidance on self-care so that they can put self-care habits into practice


  • Have a solid understanding of what self-care is
  • Have techniques in place to recognise BS – your own and that of others
  • Establish a working and evolving knowledge of self-soothe
  • Try out self-soothing and record what helps you to feel better
  • Use your feelings to guide and direct your self-care practice

The Importance of Getting Behind Self-Care & Self-Soothing. Audio | Transcript

How To Self-Soothe workbook/mini ebook. eBook | Quick Exercise: How To Nourish You With Care (PDF)

Tapping Your Way To Self-Soothing. Audio | Transcript
Resources For Tapping (EFT): The Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner & The Tapping Solution.

A Handy Tool For Clearing Out Negativity. Audio | Transcript

Get Started On Your BS Diet. Read | Listen

The BS Diet – Understanding Why You Struggle To Make Decisions. Read | Listen

The BS Diet – 50 Ways To Reduce the BS In Your Life & Increase Happiness. Read

BS Diet – Hands On: Track and arrest assumptions. Read

BS Diet – Hands On: Rooting Out Denial. Read | Editable PDF

BS Diet – Hands On: Reduce Judgement of You (mini exercise). Read.

BS Diet – Hands On: Being Happy With Who You ARE & Setting An Agreement With You. Read | Editable PDF

Building Your Self-Esteem – a mini ebook. Download eBook


These are core resources that are the foundations of the Baggage Reclaim philosophy. I refer to them time and time and time again—they are all powerful tools that have been a fundamental part of my own transformation.

Journaling Tips

Self-Care Practices For Working With Me

Feelings Diary | Journaling Guide

The Unsent Letter Guide

How to Write Letters to Your Younger Self

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