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No Contact Day Tracker Sheets

If you're embarking on NC or are already doing it but feel like you're on a rollercoaster of emotions and don't understand where your urges to make contact are coming from, aside from a Feelings Diary, using Day Tracker Sheets, especially in the first couple of weeks or where you're experiencing a tough period, can help you to see where you're being affected, whether you're affected by how your day starts, whether you improve it with eating or doing something and how it basically fluctuates over the course of day. It helps you to see what makes one day better or worse than another, with it being particularly useful for holding yourself accountable and celebrating where you're achieving and focusing during your day.

You need a sheet for each day and try to do it for at least 7 days at a time so that you can compare and contrast, see patterns etc. The sheet is for jotting quick notes and you may find that acronyms work for you and I've given examples where appropriate.

Start - How do you feel at the start of the day? How was your nights sleep? Examples: BNS Bad nights sleep, FD feeling down, GNS great night sleep, WUTOT woke up thinking of them CIS cried in sleep BD bad dream. 8 hours, 6 hours or however long for length of sleep. It may be just a feeling - happy, sad, OK, bored, guilty, worried, blaming myself.

Urge to make contact (basically thoughts of making contact) - On a scale of 1-5, 1 none, 2 slight urge but no more than normal, 3 anxious, 4 preoccupied with thoughts and finding it difficult to shake them, 5 feel consumed, ready to act upon the thoughts and feelings, or already have.

Did you eat breakfast/lunch/dinner? This is good for seeing whether you're actually doing basics such as feeding yourself, as I don't know about you, but some of my most anxious or even slightly crazed moments are off the back of an empty stomach.

Mood improve / urge reduce afterwards? Note if there was a change in how you felt after breakfast.

Exercise/do anything to improve mood? How many of us feel bad but do nothing and just sit in the feeling or just hope that something will come along to improve it? If you did something that lifted your mood, make a note.

What did you achieve this morning/afternoon/evening? I know people love a task list, but we actually feel more productive and like we're getting somewhere if we acknowledge what we do. It's also a way of being accountable and remaining in the present. If you spend your day day-dreaming, you can see where your efforts are going - into fantasy. Sometimes you may have been thinking that nothing happened in a day, but when you note what you've done, you'll actually have an opportunity to acknowledge your efforts, and yes, even praise yourself.

% of day focused and engaged - From when you've got up this morning until you go to bed, how much of your day was spent day-dreaming, worrying etc? When you take this away from 100%, that's the percentage focused and engaged. 60%-70% of your day (which includes genuine relaxation) is a good percentage to aim for. If you are having periods of disappearing into your thoughts, I'd keep a note of how long these periods are, or set a time period if they happen often - 15 minutes is good.

Did you relax? YES/NO

When you felt relaxed, what were you doing? Make a note because these are the things that you need to repeat.

Thoughts on the day - Reflections on what happen, people engaged with (Did you talk to your mother? A particular friend? It's good to note these, especially if there is a significant shift in mood), your overall summary of your mood, are you 'up' or 'down' on where you started, is it an improvement on the previous day, ideas.