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This month's key message

I am worthy of all the good things that happen in my life.

This month’s theme is about raising self-worth, so feeling more connected to your innate sense of value and uniqueness--valuing you for who you are. When you say that you need and want certain things and yet you do things that are counterproductive to these, underneath it all are feelings of low self-worth. When you become more aware of common low self-worth driven habits, you will be able to catch you sooner and change the narrative. You are worthy, not just of love, care, trust and respect, but also the good things that do and will happen to you in your life.

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Catch The Resistance

Do you know the specific aspects of your day that are a trigger for self-sabotaging habits? Well, you will do after you do this illuminating exercise. Recognising that you have a part of you that wants certain things but another part that's caught up in doing things out of obligation, can help you to see where you're resisting and yes, even rebelling at times. Making the connection between certain people and situations that are triggering you can help you to finally give you what you need.

Catch The Resistance

Harnessing The Power of Affirmations

Have you pooh-poohed affirmations, so positive, act-as-if statements in the past? Well, you're not alone, but when I discovered that I could use affirmations as a way to redirect negative thought patterns and to self-soothe, after years of being resistant, I was committed to these powerful statements.

I put together this guide to give you the 'Baggage Reclaim' take on this subject and it includes my favourite affirmations as well as some tips to help you create your own.

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