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This month's key message

I have big, beautiful, healthy boundaries, and I'm proud!

This month’s theme is about having a more lighthearted, embracing approach to boundaries, your line and limit that guides you and others on what does and doesn't work for you. When you see boundaries not just about use of 'no' but also what you say 'yes' and 'maybe' to, you realise that not only do you get to choose but that boundaries are really about you making the space for heartfelt desires and values. 

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THIS MONTH'S PRE-RECORDED WEBINAR: Knowing Your Line: How To Start Having Healthier Boundaries

Journaling Guide

This simple but powerful exercise helps you to understand the beauty of boundaries and how when you embrace them, they help you to welcome what you desire. They can be an invitation for good and you can consciously choose the experiences, things and people that are congruent with your values.

This exercise takes in what I have shared about the importance of having a Circle of Trust. For more information on this, check out these posts:

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Your Big Beautiful Boundaries

Uncovering Your Walls

If you feel guarded and you use this to dictate what you perceive as your boundaries, you are actually creating walls, not boundaries. Walls block, boundaries filter.

This is why I talk about boundaries being 2-fold--when you set (or know) the boundaries for others, you need to do it for you too and adjust yourself in some way to reflect that boundary. This not only helps you to take care of your side of the street but it helps you to move forward with forgiveness instead of being angry with you and full of self-blame and then basing your actions around this and trying to defend against the past.

This 6-page worksheet helps you to uncover your walls so that you can approach being boundaries from a more constructive, loving place rather than being defensive.

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