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Submit Your Office Hours Question

Office Hours sessions are a period where I’m online and ready to answer questions. These sessions typically take place on a Wednesday and occur monthly for Reclaimer Membership subscribers and weekly for the course length (not access length) of Break The Cycle and Build Your Self-Esteem (the 6-8 weeks following your start date).

How do Office Hours work? Submit your question (up to 200 words) via the form below. I respond to it via email and it’s also added to that session in the Answer Bank. A question can relate to concepts, tools, and ideas shared in Reclaimer Membership (or on any other course you’re enrolled on), or it can relate to a burning question related to a life issue that you’re dealing with. As this is a group environment, while of course, the question is personal to you, questions are dealt with in a way that other students can benefit from the answers.

I am skilled at reading relationships and human behaviour due to seeing the words and patterns behind the words and my consultation service for non-members is £89-£340, so make the most of Office Hours!

Students/members who submit questions or who read the sessions, gain a lot of insight and support. Not all students are in the secret Facebook group where a lot of interaction takes place, and even then, not all students within the group post in the group. Due to the instant nature of Facebook and the level of interaction there, I provide these sessions as a way for everyone to feel the benefit of support. Office Hours also helps me to manage my bandwidth, preventing an overflowing inbox and making responding to queries organised and boundaried.

Don’t forget that past sessions are hosted in the Answer Bank.

If you would like to submit a question, complete the form below. You can submit in advance of a session, so you don’t need to wait until the day. 

One submission per member/student per session. 

Due to the increased volume of submissions each month and you have 12 minutes, please ensure that you stick to the following:

1-2 questions in your submission. If you go over this, you will either have to resubmit or my response will be delayed depending on that sessions volume. It will also mean that the response to each question will be short because the time is spread over more questions.

The word count of 200 words or under.  

Avoid super-generalised questions like ‘How do I have boundaries?’ Something specific like ‘How would I go about having a healthier boundary in X situation?’ makes better use of your session. For anything general, I will point you to a resource. 


Please note: Due to the volume of submissions, my reply will not necessarily arrive within the session time. I try to do all that arrived before the cut-off time on the Wednesday of the session, but if I run out of bandwidth, it will be the following day. Unless it’s 24 hours since you submitted and you submitted before the cut-off, you don’t need to chase me. If you submitted after the cut-off, you will be moved to my next available session.

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