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Homework Guidelines

Homework (usually in the form of Self Sheets, workbooks and journaling) isn’t mandatory and doesn’t need to be completed if you don’t wish to, although it’s of course very beneficial if you do. I want you to get the most out of the course so of course I want you to do as much reading, writing, and thinking as possible!

I will stress again though that the courses are self-paced. Do homework in your own time and don’t put yourself under immense pressure – all courses have access beyond the length of the course.

The idea of homework is to engage with a subject deeper, to question yourself and start a habit of having an ongoing dialogue with you.

All homework will help you learn more about you.

In some instances you may feel that you require some personal feedback from Natalie – if this is the case, please use the Office Hours or the Facebook group. Please note though that you don’t have to get feedback on every piece – this isn’t like ‘school, school’.

Please note - To ensure that you're not chasing your own tail so to speak, make sure that you have done the proceeding homework. In some instances, I may request that you provide this.

Do please ensure that you are keeping a regular Feelings Diary, especially if you are regularly requesting feedback.

I need to see that you are doing the work - feedback is never about me doing the work for you.

The easiest way to ensure a quick response is to be specific in what your query  - in fact, Office Hours questions are limited to 250 words. 

Remember by asking questions in Office Hours (names are retracted) or in the Facebook group, other students learn too. 

Please don’t send private messages to me, or the school manager Claire, on Facebook. Aside from the fact that it’s likely to get missed, but our actual FB account is for personal use and I provide several channels for getting feedback that there really is no need to use this one.

You do not have to send your homework in. It's not going to be marked or graded. There's no right and wrong, it's about your learning and reflection.

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