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Despite our best endeavours, thanks to the joys of technology, it’s possible that very occasionally, you will encounter a quirk or issue. We aim to resolve issues really quickly, with it often taking minutes or even seconds…as long as when the problem is reported, there’s a fairly clear idea of what the issue is. Below are suggestions to help you get your query promptly resolved. Please note that all technical issues need to be reported to the courses email. Please don’t post it in the private Facebook group or send to another email. If you’re fairly confident with computers, screengrabs are very welcome.

If it’s about not being able to access a page on the site, please copy and paste the link of the page that you’re getting the error on.

If it’s to do with how something is displayed, let us know which browser and what version you’re using and whether you’re on a Mac or PC.

Confused about why an EPUB file isn’t opening? Very occasionally, the EPUB version of file is included. This is an e-book file format with the extension .epub¬†that can be downloaded and read on devices like smartphones, tablets or e-readers (not Kindle). It is a free and open standard. Download this file to your device and open in your reader.
If it’s about not being able to access a PDF file, please provide the name of the file and a link to the page where you’re trying to access the file from.

If it’s about being unable to access part of your course that you should have access to, please notify us so that we can update your login settings and quickly resolve the issue. Please note that if you haven’t logged in for a long time, it’s possible, depending on what you’re accessing, that your access has expired. Please contact us so that we can investigate.

Experiencing an error when logging in? Log out and log back in before reporting.

We are moving to a new site! Set up your new login by 30th April