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If You’re Serious About Being In A Serious Relationship, Accept No Substitutes.

Let’s Get That Emotional Baggage Cleared So That You Can Be Available For The Real Deal

Hello! I invite you to join me on Break The Cycle, which has a wealth of insight, tools, processes and practices to help you break free of relationship patterns that aren’t serving you.

Because the truth is, this whole trying to figure out dating and relationships alone through trial and error, listening to or mimicking loved ones who might be leading you down a dead end, trying to come up with schemes to catch ‘em and keep ‘em, or people pleasing in the hopes of being ‘chosen’, is tough.

When we turn 18, no one hands us a manual explaining how to navigate life, so after one too many painful dating and relationship experiences, we mistakenly blame them on us not being “good enough” and fear that there’s no decent folk left to date.

Adulthood is about unlearning all of the unproductive and downright harmful lessons and misunderstandings that we’ve picked up from childhood so that we can become more of who we really are. Unfortunately, many of us don’t realise this, and it can be tempting to give up or to stay stuck subsisting on crumbs (don’t).

That’s why I’ve created Break The Cycle and am giving you the classes and support to help you get to the bottom of your relationship pattern and on the way to healing it, in as little as a month.

If being in a serious relationship and being done with Mr/Miss Unavailables is your top priority over the coming months, I would absolutely love to work with you.

I’m great craic, I seriously know my stuff and will possibly freak you out (in a good way) with how quickly I can pinpoint the personal baggage behind your pattern. I’m also compassionate and dedicated to helping as many people as possible to get out from the shadow of their pasts and into loving, awesome relationships.

If you’ve got any questions about the course, drop me an email at, and I’ll be in touch ASAP.

Hope to see you in class.



Break The Cycle is a process that helps you develop a healthy relationship with you that is both healing and life-changing. Understand where you are, how you got there, how to change your present circumstances, and how to maintain. Over a period of eight weeks, you will uncover what’s been going on behind the scenes, not just in your relationship history but in any area of your life where you’ve been experiencing a frustrating or painful pattern. It’s time to remove the hidden relationship blocks so that they feel confident and happier and become available for the relationship/opportunities you desire and deserve.


>> Figure out what you truly desire in a relationship and partner

>> Identify what your pattern has been up until this point

>> Discover the spiritual guidance of relationships and what your pattern is trying to show you

>> Discover your subconscious agenda

>> Identify the role(s) you play within your relationships and why, so that you can stop walking into a trap

>> Do a shedload of self-forgiveness work

>> Instil self-care practices


let’s get what are often regarded as the confusing and downright trickier aspects of dating and relationships cracked, so along the way you’ll learn

>> The four qualities that you need in a loving partner

>> How to distinguish chemistry from compatibility

>> Some kickass methods for assessing compatibility

>> What commitment and moving forward actually looks like

>> How to approach dating and relationships from a place of choosing not auditioning


>> How to read and value the gift of your gut

>> How to end brief involvements and relationships without the sky falling down

>> How to stand up for yourself within your relationships

>> How to figure out your values and needs

>> How to recognise when baggage is showing up and what to do

>> Build your confidence with dating and relationships with clear guidance on what dating is really about and when and how to progress to a relationship.


If any of the following sound familiar, Break The Cycle will make a huge difference to your wellbeing and experiences.

>> You lack confidence about dating or forging a relationship and so end up feeling anxious about getting things ‘wrong’ and jeopardising the relationship, or fear believing in someone and your future in case they disappoint

>> You’re unsure of what you really need and want in a partner and can’t figure out where you’re going wrong

>> You feel invested in relationships that don’t get off the ground or that hit obstacle after obstacle and are starting to doubt your worth and your good qualities

>> You wake up hungry in your relationships wondering how you can be so into someone and yet you’re in pain and your needs aren’t being met

>> You’ve been with same person, different package, and are winding up in variations of the same situation with similar frustrations and complaints, but you can’t quite see what the pattern is or how to move past it

>> You want to be in a relationship and to meet ‘The One’ but are exhausted from past experiences and the dating process, or it’s feeling very do or die, ‘last chance saloon’

>> You don’t truly feel good about or believe in you so you people-please, look for validation, put your romantic partners on a pedestal, and settle for far less than you deserve and you’ve forgotten how wonderful you really are

Before taking Break The Cycle, I was terrified of getting hurt and settling for super-casual relationships. What I uncovered, especially about my secret anger and my fear of being trapped, blew me away. It forced me to confront the past in a really constructive and compassionate way. I met my current partner a few months later, and I know I wouldn’t have recognised and appreciated him without the work I’ve done. – Ailish, Ireland.

choose your route

next sessions start from: 5th August 2019
registration is open


Self-study route with minimal intervention from me. Ideal if you’re on a budget, or you want to work your way through the course at your own pace, or you’re quite happy to work on your own. Support is provided via fortnightly office hours during the program along with membership of the secret Facebook group.

Standard Rate 495/approx $625

Member Rate £247.50/approx $313 (50% off – yay)

payment plan available


I’m your accountability buddy helping you get things moving. Includes 4 weekly one-hour deep dive calls with me, followed by 2 monthly one-hour calls, detailed personal feedback along with personalised ‘homework’ tasks, plus emails in between for any questions that might come up. Includes 3 months Reclaimer membership and access to the secret Facebook group.

Standard Rate £1995/approx $2499 

Member Rate £1745/approx $2185

use the code RECLAIMER at the checkout 

payment plan available

Pay in full and receive an additional 90-minute phone session worth £340  (approx USD 425).

Please note that as I’m based in England, I charge in British pounds. Dollars quoted are approximate.

payment plans available

I just finished taking Break The Cycle – completely amazing, life-changing course. I absolutely loved it. Thank you so much for your wisdom and insight. Celeste, USA.


WEEK ONE What do I want?

Identify your conscious desires around your romantic relationships. Get a grounding in the types of relationships and situations that call for a breakthrough. Discover the guidance of your relationships including what they mean and what a ‘soul mate’ that hurts is really all about, plus do a 360 you-check so that you can better understand where you’re at and where you want to go.

WEEK TWO What’s my pattern?

Build a clear picture of your relationship history and patterns as well as any habits that are taking you away from who you are and what you need and want. Shine the light of awareness on what has been going on and have a helluva lot of lightbulb moments. 

WEEK THREE Name It & Claim It

Using the outcomes identified in week two, uncover what’s in the space between your desires and your outcomes. Discover the specific subconscious beliefs about relationships that are setting you up for a cycle of disappointment and pain and how this fits with your pattern. Locate the untruths–stories, judgements, vows, rules and fears.

WEEK FOUR Reclaim You

Separate you from whoever and whatever you’ve been self-defining on and claim the gifts and the guidance from these. Clear and release emotional baggage that are serving as your relationship stumbling blocks. Redefine what it is to be you and start making peace with your past.

WEEK FIVE Build sense of self

Your relationship begins before you meet–it starts with you. Learn how to listen to you by using the guidance of your intuition, values and boundaries so that you match your intentions and actions with your needs and desires. Learn some kickass methods for assessing compatibility from a confident place. Calm uneasiness about the past. Decipher your interest or seeming lack of interest in a partner.

WEEK SIX The Shift

Overhaul your mindset and approach to dating and relationships so that future habits match your core desire for the relationship you want and so that you don’t get side-tracked. Learn how to steady your emotions (and libido), find out what you need to know before proceeding, and what commitment and moving forward looks like.

WEEK SEVEN Take Care of You

Take care of you and you will raise the happiness of your relationships. Raise your self-worth, learn to stand up for yourself in your relationships from a boundaried place, build your resilience with self-care practices so that stress, criticism, conflict and disappointment don’t overwhelm you, and learn how to problem solve so that the past remains in the past.

Take my skills & laser-light insight. Bust through your pattern. Get in the driving seat of your life.

It’s been great when I’ve worked with clients privately to help them locate their blocks, troubleshoot issues, and demystify their relationship pattern but I can’t be everywhere all at once plus not everyone can afford to do this kind of work privately.
I’ve taken the deep well of insight that I have into relationships and my toolkit of resources, mindset shifts, inspiration and practices that I’ve acquired in over thirteen years of self-exploration, road-testing ideas, writing books and this blog, teaching courses, working with clients and more, and put it into Break The Cycle so that you can do the work, all with support and guidance en route from me and your cohort.


How many weeks does Break The Cycle run for?
This is a 7-week course with one break week in between, so 8 weeks in total.

Do I have access to the course material after the course ends?
Standard access is 12 months.

What format is the course material?

Video and audio versions for classes, and PDFs for any worksheets and other resources.

Do I have to show up at a particular time?
No. New course modules are released each week. If a Q&A (Office Hours) session is live, but you can’t make it, the replay will be available. The course is self-paced, so work it on your schedule.

Is the course suitable if I’m already in a relationship?
Regardless of whether single, never been in a relationship, dating, in a relationship or even married, start at ground zero to get a foundational sense of 1) you and 2) healthy relationships. So yes, it most definitely is suitable.

Is this different from The Pattern Breaker/Build Your Self-Esteem/The People Pleasing Diet?
Very. I have never run a course devoted to dating, relationships and emotional availability, although it’s been my most frequent request. I talk about the subjects from my other courses, but it is all content specifically created for Break The Cycle with deep dives and plenty of new concepts never revealed before on Baggage Reclaim.

Is there a payment plan?
Yes. There’s a 3-month.

Is the currency exchange quoted exact?
No, it’s approximate. Currency conversion from British pounds to US dollars or in fact any other currency is done at the time of the payment.

How much access do I have to Natalie?
I’m active in the Facebook group, I run fortnightly Office Hours as well as bonus sessions (this is where I’m online and ready to answer questions and troubleshoot issues so you get a reply back that day), and put aside time each week to answer ad hoc queries. If you’ve booked coaching (where available) then you have more one-to-one access. For very detailed additional support outside of what’s mentioned here, depending on her availability, she can be booked for clarity sessions (email and phone consultations). I don’t teach large classes because it makes me better able to serve students.

I’ve already booked to attend a Break The Cycle workshop- do I get a discount and what’s the difference?
Yes, you do get a discount, and you should receive an email from me. Get in touch if you haven’t had it yet and we can get you set up. The workshop is a hands-on opportunity to focus on the 7-step process for getting out of your own way. The course covers this but also has a hell of a lot more material that just couldn’t get covered in one day including in-depth guidance on why your pattern exists, healing it, forging healthier relationships and recognising unhealthy ones, and plenty more. The one-day workshop is a hands-on day where you also benefit from the group environment and on-the-spot feedback from me.

I want to attend a Break The Cycle workshop as well. Is there a discount?
There are a limited number of places that include a bonus of a place at a live event. If in doubt, drop us an email at shop AT, and we can ensure that when you book, you get the discounted or included place.

Where will Break The Cycle workshops be held?
I’ve previously run the workshops in London, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Dublin.

Is travel to a Break The Cycle workshop included?
No, it’s not. It’s your ticket to the event but does not include accommodation or travel.

What’s the refund policy?
Refunds are available on the online course up until day 7 of the program. If you decide to cancel the course but keep your workshop place (or another bonus), you will be refunded the course minus the price of whatever you’re keeping.

Can I share my access/material with others?
Definitely not. The course and all of its materials are issued to the named student. Course materials are yours to download, but distribution/sharing is prohibited.

Can I gift someone with a place?
Yes, you can. You can either make your purchase and notify us afterwards at shop AT

Is anything in the Facebook group visible to the public?
No. It’s a private and secret Facebook group. What you see in your feed is based on what you have access to not what other people can see. For detailed information on how groups work, please see Facebook’s guide to privacy settings for groups.

Do I get a discount if I’m a student/member already?
Yes. If you are viewing this page, you are getting the best rate available.

How often does Break The Cycle run?
2-4 times a year.

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