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Reshape how you approach dating so that you can confidently choose better partners to create a relationship with.

It’s frustrating, demoralising and enough to cause you to doubt your worth and your future, when you can’t seem to get past the dating phase or you can, but the relationships fail to live up to their initial promise.

That’s all of my relationships before I met my now husband!

I want people who really want to be in a relationship but who keep hitting various obstacles including emotional unavailability, to enjoy more loving relationships, and that’s why I created Zero To Launch.

After you take this online course, you will be able to confidently approach dating, weed out the time-wasters, and recognise the people with who you can co-create the foundation for a loving relationship with.


Think that you’ve had The Best Time Ever™ on a date or series of dates with a person, only to be left feeling totally wrong-footed when you don’t hear from them again

Find that attraction, chemistry and libido are blind spots but fear that without feeling as you have with these people, that you'll be left with the boring ‘dregs’ of dates and relationships?

Want a long-term, committed relationship and possibly desiring a family but keep finding yourself with people who don’t have staying power, and now feel as if you can’t afford to make more ‘mistakes’?

Have felt as if you have so much in common and even that you share the same core values with someone you met via a dating site or app, only for it to crash and burn in real life?

Don’t really know what to look for, when to look for it, and what is and isn’t acceptable in a fledgling relationship?

Moved really fast only to wake up in the relationship wondering how you can feel so intensely about somebody and yet feel so hungry in the relationship?

Relationships don’t just happen; they’re co-created.

Here at Baggage Reclaim, I’ve been teaching people about distinguishing healthy relationships from unhealthy ones because what type of relationships we wind up in, is very much based on the foundation upon which they’re built.

If you think of relationships as as having 5 stages, with stage 0 being when you haven’t met and/or been on that first date yet, through to stage 2 when you’ve both agreed to explore the possibilities by entering into a relationship, and eventually stage 4 where both parties are in for the long haul, stages 0-2 are absolutely crucial.

Relationships with a healthy stage 0-2, grow.

Sure, some relationships with a dodgy foundation can and do continue but they lack resilience and are almost like a body missing some vital organs.

These, and more, are all symptoms of getting off on the wrong footing in the early stages of your involvement.

They’re not symptoms of you not being ‘good enough’ or the death of decent partners in the dating pool, and while it isn’t easy to date, the issues that are encountered with dating can be minimised with a change of habits.

These symptoms also don’t mean that you missed out on your prince or princess.

How we conduct ourselves in the early stages of a relationship has a very significant influence on how we show up further on in the relationship, but also…

…what we look for, what we accept, what we prioritise, and what we consider to be the way we think that we ‘should’ behave in order to ‘get’ a relationship or ‘get’ love…

…has a profound effect on who we choose to get involved with or move forward with.


Zero To Launch is my brand new short course designed to get you up and running with dating so that you can start putting new habits of thinking and behaviour into practice and have the confidence to co-create the relationship you desire and deserve. Equipping you with mindset shifts, tips, tools and practices for building loving foundations and knowing where to invest your wonderful qualities, it will also help confidently discern who isn’t the right person for you to move forward with so you can choose the person who is.


The course is a mixture of video, written and audio lessons, which you can take whenever you like and regardless of timezone.

The lessons remain online so that you can watch/listen/read whenever you like.

If you have a pattern of unfulfilling relationships or feel stuck in a dating cycle, something needs to give (and it's not your self-esteem).

Any major problems experienced further down the line—you know, the type of code amber and red issues that keep my inbox and comments rather busy!—can be picked up in the early stages of a relationship.

It’s not about how worthy you are.

It’s not about how you look.

It’s not about whether you’ve been patient enough or too needy/dramatic/sensitive or whatever else you’ve been telling yourself.

It’s about the route that you’re travelling to your dates and relationship experiences…

…and that can be changed.

Think of the unfulfilling dating and relationship experiences that you’ve been having so far as the pothole that you keep walking into instead of around.


When you start looking at dating and relationships from a different vantage point and use a different set of habits, you are opening you up to a whole different set of possibilities.


  • Get a practical guide to the stages of relationships so that you have the emotional, mental and physical boundaries to discern what feels good and right for you
  • Discover ‘what goes where’ so that you don’t get dating and relationships back to front ever again
  • Understand what you need so that you don’t sell yourself short
  • The 4 qualities of a loving partner, the vital ingredients of a loving relationship, and how to recognise potential indicators of these in the early stages
  • Information you need to have gathered before you decide to proceed into a relationship and that with the absence of it, helps you stay grounded
  • How to use introduction (dating) sites and apps without losing your mind, including how to weed out the inappropriate folk before they get a foothold in your emotions and life
  • How to stay grounded even when your mind wants to try and work out your whole future right now
  • How to deal with common dating scenarios from a place of self-love, self-care, self-trust and self-respect


Zero To Launch is aimed at people who feel as if they don't know how to date or who recognise that there is a pattern of something that they keep encountering in dating that is causing them to lose heart.

You might have been in a long-term relationship and so feel as if dating has changed a hell of a lot since you first dated.

It might be that you've had some pretty set ideas about dating, and you're not getting anywhere.

You might feel as if nothing's ever enough.

Maybe you don't know how to trust yourself or others.

You're not sure what you want but you'd like to have the skills to decide mindfully.

It might be that you don't want to feel as if you lose yourself in dating any longer.

It might be that you really do want to move forward but you want to lose the fearful and even desperate feelings that are setting in.

Now enrolling for May 15th
Student Price £150. (Normally £199)

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No, it isn't. The Breakthrough is a deep program helps you compassionately investigate why you're not in the relationship you want and is essentially, a course about breaking relationship patterns and healing the wounds behind them. It does cover some of what is in Zero To Launch but is an entirely different course.


I want to work with people who are open to going down a new path and ultimately becoming more of who they really are. This isn't about 'my way' versus 'your way'; I need to work with people who recognise that doing the same thing and expecting a different result isn't going to get them anywhere. If you're very attached to continuing to think, feel and act in a certain way, this course isn't for you.


Yes. Just book via the school site and if in doubt, get in touch with Claire via the dedicated email.


No. Learn when you want, as and when you're ready. Do it at a pace that suits you--this is your journey.


You can pay in installments over two months.


On this style of course, you can request a no-questions-asked refund up to the end of day 2 of the course. Should you request a refund beyond this point, you will need to send in your completed course materials. If you were not a member or student prior to this course, access to the private Facebook group will be revoked and the student discount for future courses etc., won't apply.


The course is self-study, you work through it at a pace that suits you and you have lifetime access to the course. You can always ask Claire to start the emails again for you. Just drop her an email on the dedicated school email - you'll know what it is when you book.

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