Hi, I'm Natalie Lue and I'm dedicated to helping as many people as possible help themselves to become more emotionally available so that they can enjoy the relationships and opportunities they desire and deserve.

You know how Marie Kondo helps people to clear out and organise their homes so that they only keep what brings them joy--well, I help you do the same for your emotional baggage so that you can rediscover the great you that's already within.

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Reclaiming Self

Break your pattern. Get to know you. Change the way that you feel about and treat you. Become more of who you really are.

Build Confidence

Radically shift your self-esteem so that you can make loving decisions and choices. Wouldn't it be great to feel trusting as well as safe and secure?

Practical Mindset

Tasks, activities, journalling prompts and exercises that help you have your own back.


Connect with people who are going through their own journeys and who get where you're coming from. The secret Facebook group is collaborative, supportive and heartwarming. 

Anywhere Access
Take me with you! Access via any device or download material to read and listen offline.

Be the person you want to be with healthy boundaries and self-esteem.


Not ready to take a course just yet? My Reclaimer Membership is a monthly subscription for people who want to break habits that have affected their relationships and self-esteem. If being more assertive, improving your overall sense of self, and enjoying more loving relationships are at the top of your agenda, Reclaimer Membership will help you to become more consistent at self-care and to tackle different areas of your life with confidence

A mix of exclusive, specially created content for members as well as top picks from courses, Reclaimer Membership delivers fresh doses of inspiration and support throughout the year, helping to cement the foundations of existing work and putting more building blocks on top for living and loving with self-esteem--all while knowing that you have a soulful community of people who empathise and are committed to the same endeavour.

There's a wonderful tribe of readers and listeners who want to do further work with me and this is an accessible, affordable way of doing so--Reclaimer Membership is BR's 'inner circle'.



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