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This month's key message

I am open to exploring what feels good, right and meaningful for me.

This month’s theme is about doing more of what matters by feeling more purposeful in or about your work. We spend a significant portion of our week devoted to our work, whether we're an employee, business owner, or even thinking about returning to work or studying for it. Work is loaded, as in, we have what can seem like a surprising amount of baggage behind our work-related mindset, attitude and behaviour, making change in this area often quite stressful. The more we can understand what we're really about is the more overall satisfaction, happiness and inner peace that we can experience.

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THIS MONTH'S PRE-RECORDED WEBINAR: Making It Matter: Getting to grips with your sense of purpose about your work

Journaling Guide

These extra questions that support the Making It Matter video class, help you bring a great deal of clarity to this area of your life but also help you understand hidden beliefs, feelings and motivations that might be sapping your confidence and blocking your view.

It includes:

  • The 6 key questions
  • Prompts for the clearing & releasing exercise
  • Questions for exploring rules and expectations
  • Questions about what lit up your younger self

Don't forget to grab the clearing and releasing exercise from the Foundational Resources


The Inner Critic List

On my course, Tune In To Your Inner Voice (and Calm Your Inner Critic), I teach about the 8 types of inner critic, their motivations and the possible origins of this 'backing track' that can often be wreaking havoc in your life. This quick sheet gives you an overview of the critics and relating this criticism to your work can provide some clues as to why you might feel stuck or dissatisfied with an aspect of it.


Getting Over “Just”, “Should”, “Sorry but...” & Other Language Habits

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