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Terms & Conditions of Registering

Please note the following T&C's for Baggage Reclaim courses and membershipl:

Cancellations. If you need to cancel, please do so in writing by up to day 3 of your course, no questions asked.

Deferring. If for some reason you are unable to participate at this time and would like to defer to another start date, you can do so for up to 6 months after the course start date. Please note that all courses are self paced anyway. Please notify us in writing at

Copyright. All class material (written, audio, video etc) is to be used within your course only. i.e. content is for you only and sharing of course content outside Baggage Reclaim School is strictly prohibited and constitutes a copyright infringement.

Privacy. Baggage Reclaim School is members only. To help protect the privacy of members, please don't share your login information. If you become a member of the private and secret Facebook group, please don't disclose the membership of other participants or what they share in the public domain. Please don't invite non-members to the Facebook group.

Registration. Your Paypal receipt is your registration confirmation. You will be contacted about enrolment activities normally within 48 hours of payment. Login information is sent 24-48 hours before the course start date for courses with a defined start date and you gain access to course material on the course start date normally before 5PM GMT.

Please note the additional T&Cs for Reclaimer Membership subscribers.

If you have any questions, please email the team:

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