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The Drama Sessions 79 mins

When you’re in a cycle of drama with someone or a number of people, or you feel as if you’re in variations of the same painful situation, it’s not unusual to feel helpless, powerless, taken advantage of, rejected, frustrated and more. In fact, it’s not uncommon to feel as if people are out to screw you over or as if you can’t catch a break. But what if learning about the drama triangle (the victim, rescuer and persecutor) and how to get out of it, could help you to break the cycle? In these sessions, I guide you on how to minimise drama and radically overhaul your approach to conflict and being triggered by old hurts.  

The Sessions Resource List

Here are a selection of resources to help support and expand on what you’ve learned in these sessions. 

The Sacrifice-Resentment Dynamic

Needs VS Wants Masterclass

Needs In Relationships Masterclass

Needs & Values Masterclass

Emotional Needs

Short classes about love, care, trust and respect, as well as The Four Qualities

Podcast about help, support and fuzzy boundaries 

Note: you can find the exercises that I mention in the sessions in the foundational resources (link below)



This features a transcript of all twelve sessions.


I refer to foundational resources time and again. These tools are core to your self-care journey, helping you to become more mindful about the thoughts that you feed you and the way that you treat you so that you can heal as you go, show up in your relationships, and be, do and have more of your desires.

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