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The Intuition Sessions 80 mins

What’s the difference between intuition and fear? I tackle this question over ten sessions to help you build your confidence in trusting your inner guidance. Mistaking fear for intuition leads to a great deal of pain and problems. Discover the difference between intuition, fear and ego, why we sometimes feel as if we’re experiencing fear and intuition at the same time, how to discern anxiety from intuition, and why it’s critical to have realistic expectations of our intuition so that we don’t try to be a fortune teller or master controller of the universe.


There’s a transcript of the sessions as well as an additional short guide with a series of pointed exercises that are all aimed at discerning your intuition from fear. This includes four questions to help you get grounded in any situation.


I refer to foundational resources time and again. These tools are core to your self-care journey, helping you to become more mindful about the thoughts that you feed you and the way that you treat you so that you can heal as you go, show up in your relationships, and be, do and have more of your desires.

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