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Reclaimer Membership

office hours

The Library Office Hours sessions are exclusively for subscribers where I tackle key questions about what is being uncovered by you. You will be sent details of how to submit your question before each session.

Sessions are scheduled for the following dates:

  • 10th May 2017
  • 14th June 2017
  • Sessions run from 13.00  – 15.00 (BST).

All questions and answers from the previous Office Hours sessions will be available over the next few weeks (we're currently migrating them from the old site).

live classes

Welcome to the Live Mini Classes archive! The classes are held in the secret Facebook group. All current Library members have access to the group, as well as students - past and present - on my courses. As not all members choose to be in the Facebook group, I am making the recordings available below. These classes are adhoc, but I will let you know when they're going to happen.

How to discover whether you share the same values.

How to cope with rejection - specifically around dating and relationships.

How to know whether the relationship will meet your emotional needs, including whether you are expecting too much, or whether you are unsuited

How to stay connected to your authenticity and value when you're dating someone you really fancy and like.

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