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By the end of this module, you will:

• Know what people pleasing is including typical habits and myths that drive the habit
• Know what a People Pleasing Diet is


• Have a solid understanding of what your PPD will involve
• Grasp the guiding principles of The PPD and make them personally memorable
• Establish the myths that you identify with as well as your people pleasing beliefs
• Be able to differentiate between the Zone of Self-Esteem and the Zone of Pleasing
• Define initial areas that you would like to evolve in and lose some BS lbs

Guiding Principles audio | slides

Intro to People Pleasing (Part 1) audio | slides

Intro to People Pleasing (Part 2) audio | slides

Understanding The Types of People-Pleasing Behaviour

Read | Download Audio (or listen above)

The Myths of People Pleasing

Read | Download Audio (or listen above)


On the People Pleasing Diet, I highly recommend that you keep a Feelings Diary throughout the course and that you get into the habit of tracking and become aware of your feelings and other responses so that you can be conscious, aware, and present. You will also find that this diary is highly useful when you feel stressed and also when you want to retrace your steps and either learn from an experience or to actually get a sense of the progress that you’re making. Use the guide as a prompt for journaling your thoughts in a notebook. I highly recommend that you have a separate notebook purely for this task.

Download the Feelings Diary Guide (PDF)


Each week you will be given ‘food for thought’ in the form of journaling prompts. Use these questions to help you decipher what you’re experiencing on your journey and to grow your self-awareness and self-knowledge.

Week One Journaling Prompts (PDF)

Self Sheets are Baggage Reclaim School’s various exercises and worksheets that are generally available as editable PDFs (or journaling guides). They are designed to support the learning in your modules and are aimed at helping you increase self-knowledge and self-awareness so that you can improve your self-image and sense of self. In essence, they’re there to help you to get to know and reclaim you and are also part of supporting you in becoming conscious, aware, and present. They are all stepping stones to each other and you will find that they link up with the actionable lessons and tools that you pick up throughout the course.


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