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MODULE 1 – What do I want?

Step one of Break The Cycle is to identify your conscious desire for a relationship. The reason for this is that every person who is in unfulfilling relationship cycle either doesn’t know what they truly want or they do, but they don’t believe they deserve it or that it’s possible, and so they end up settling for less. Learn about what desire is, why getting conscious about what you want is so important, and discover the guidance of all of your previous relationships. Have a go at step one and complete your 360-check so you can get a fuller picture of who you are and what’s been going on in your life.

This section features the key tasks for this week and, where appropriate, additional resources.


The Guidance of Our Relationships AUDIO | SLIDES| TRANSCRIPT

Before you do step two or beyond of Break The Cycle, it’s important for you to do the work of step one, which is to spend a bit of time identifying your conscious desire for a relationship.

Next, you need to take some time to do the 360-check so that you can gain a bigger picture view of you.

Step One: Identify Your Conscious Desire For A Relationship | download the PDF | Visualisation audio

360-check | download the PDF (Note: There’s a resource guide to go with the 360-check which becomes available in week two. This provides insight into your answers. Please don’t read the guide without having done the questions first. Students have found it so helpful to do this exercise so even though there might be a temptation to skip over it, what you stand to learn not only helps with self-care but is likely to give you some clues about what has been going on.

Feel as if you need some information right now about needs and wants in relationships? These two classes from the Reclaimer Membership are here as bonus resources for the next couple of weeks. These topics are going to be covered as we go along in the course but I know that for some, this info might help to get out of stuck around even the notion of acknowledging your desires.

Watch intro video
What Do You Want?
The Guidance of Our Relationships
Complete Step One of the 7-step process
Complete the 360-degree check
Have fun with your exploration
Submit an Office Hours question (go on, it's ok)
These are core resources that are the foundations of the Baggage Reclaim philosophy. I refer to them time and time and time again—they are all powerful tools that have been a fundamental part of my own transformation. Clearing & Releasing Emotional Charge How To Self-Soothe Get Out Of Stuck | Beliefs Prompt | Get Out Of Stuck Quick Sheet | Beliefs Brainstorm Worksheet Journaling Tips Self-Care Practices For Working With Me Feelings Diary | Journaling Guide The Unsent Letter Guide How to Write Letters to Your Younger Self

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