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By the end of this module, you will:

• Know the key roles that illustrate the origins of a people pleasing habit.
• Be able to apply the knowledge gained to identify the origins of your own habit.


• Identify 1-2 pleaser roles that you take on and the origins of these in your life
• Distinguish between active and passive responses and be able to demonstrate this knowledge in the understanding of your own habits
• Identify the imbalances in the perception of your rights in contrast to your perception of the rights of others
• Try out healthy self-soothing strategies to help you respond to your feelings, needs, and life in the present
• Track your pleasing (and assertiveness) habits

Intro To Compliance audio | transcript

Origins slides | audio | transcript

Autonomy slides | audio | transcript

The Active Response slides | audio | transcript

Examples of Active and Passive Responses

How To Self-Soothe Guide | Quick Exercise



Hopefully you’re doing lots of journaling as well as the Self Sheets. You may find it handy to summarise key findings in this Origins Summary. Knowing who key people are in your life that trigger your pleaser helps you to remain grounded. These people can now become your cue to be conscious, aware, and present. The key memories, experiences, words and phrases also give you a jumping off point for working on any lurking negative beliefs and false associations. | Download the editable PDF


Each week you will be given ‘food for thought’ in the form of journaling prompts. Use these questions to help you decipher what you’re experiencing on your journey and to grow your self-awareness and self-knowledge.

Week Two Journaling Prompts (PDF)

Self Sheets are Baggage Reclaim School’s various exercises and worksheets that are generally available as editable PDFs (or journaling guides). They are designed to support the learning in your modules and are aimed at helping you increase self-knowledge and self-awareness so that you can improve your self-image and sense of self. In essence, they’re there to help you to get to know and reclaim you and are also part of supporting you in becoming conscious, aware, and present. They are all stepping stones to each other and you will find that they link up with the actionable lessons and tools that you pick up throughout the course.



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