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By the end of this module, you will:

• Have consolidated the data that you have gathered from a week of tracking your pleasing habits of behaviour and thinking as well as your journaling and Self Sheets.
• Have begun clearing out excess emotional baggage in the form of underlying beliefs and associations that are holding you back in the  Zone of People Pleasing.


• Have a detailed, working knowledge of how your belief system works and has been working
• Identify your reasoning habits and the narrative that’s been running your pleasing pattern
• Locate the Payoff and Fallout of your beliefs including your hidden motivations
• Be able to assess your beliefs and use evidence identified to transform them into more realistic, self-supporting beliefs
• Can re-explain a story about a previous experience with increasing self-compassion

Reasoning Habits audio | transcript

Building Up Credit audio | transcript

The PPD: How Beliefs Work

Read | Download Audio (or listen above)

The PPD: How Habits Work

Read | Download Audio

The PPD: Understanding Negative Associations

Read | Download Audio

The PPD: Understanding Positive Associations

Read | Download Audio

The Unsent Letter Guide + worksheet

Clearing Associations | Journaling Guide (PDF)

Note: This is a super big exercise as in clearing a lot of emotional baggage! If you want a fast way to pull out your associations and start offloading pleasing baggage that’s holding you back, this is the way to go! Don’t skip this – I promise it’s good!

The Get Out Of Stuck Guide is 21 lessons where I share life-changing insights that have transformed the way I see me as well as how I make the journey that is my life. I first wrote Get Out Of Stuck as a mini ebook guide in September 2010 and since then, thousands of readers have used it to shake up their perspective and to break unhealthy patterns of thinking and behaviour. The new edition is delivered over twenty-one lessons.

A huge part of my journey to healthier self-esteem and relationships has been about uncovering my underlying beliefs and gaining a balanced, sometimes more adult perspective. Over the 21 lessons, I share my insights, tips and tools for helping you do this for yourself. I’m going to help you change the meaning, change the feeling, and change the nature of your journey through life. You’re not here to reinforce the worst of what you believe about you – you’re here to enjoy discovering and being your true self.

Download the PDF

Self Sheets are Baggage Reclaim School’s various exercises and worksheets that are generally available as editable PDFs (or journaling guides). They are designed to support the learning in your modules and are aimed at helping you increase self-knowledge and self-awareness so that you can improve your self-image and sense of self. In essence, they’re there to help you to get to know and reclaim you and are also part of supporting you in becoming conscious, aware, and present. They are all stepping stones to each other and you will find that they link up with the actionable lessons and tools that you pick up throughout the course.

This week you have a couple of options for working on your beliefs and it depends really on how deep you want to go as well as how much time you want to spend. Note – I don’t expect that you’re going to do all of the work this week and this is ongoing work to do alongside the upcoming classes where you’ll be learning more assertive options for your pleasing habits.

If you have already done my Get Out of Stuck lessons then you will likely feel pretty comfortable with working on the four Self Sheets. The same will apply if you already have identified your core belief(s) and are ready to work out a more positive, supporting belief.

Exploring Your Motivations & The Cost of People Pleasing | Self Sheet (editable PDF)

Where does the expectation for the reward come from? | Self Sheet (editable PDF)

Examining Your Beliefs & Evidence | Self Sheet (editable PDF)

Core Beliefs Transformation | Self Sheet (editable PDF)


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