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MODULE 4 – Reclaim You

This week covers steps 6 and 7 of Break The Cycle. The work you do this week brings together everything you’ve been working on and through by leading you to two important decisions. That’s why this week is all about letting go so that you can heal and become truly available.

This section features the key tasks for this week and, where appropriate, additional resources. Before you do step six or beyond of Break The Cycle, it’s important for you to do the previous steps. It’s also important to do the steps in order.

Letting Go Audio 


step 6 and 7 | download the PDF

audio version of step 6

Blame Buster Guide | download the pdf Doubt Buster Guide | download the pdf Fear Buster Guide | download the pdf Subconscious Agenda Examples | download the PDF
Intro video
Letting Go So That You Can Heal & Receive
Steps 6 & 7 worksheet
Step 6 audio
Check out Blame, Doubt & Fear Buster Guides

These are core resources that are the foundations of the Baggage Reclaim philosophy. I refer to them time and time and time again—they are all powerful tools that have been a fundamental part of my own transformation.

Clearing & Releasing Emotional Charge

How To Self-Soothe Get Out Of Stuck 

Beliefs Prompt 

 Get Out Of Stuck Quick Sheet

Beliefs Brainstorm Worksheet 

Journaling Tips

Self-Care Practices For Working With Me

Feelings Diary | Journaling Guide

The Unsent Letter Guide + Unsent Letter worksheet

How to Write Letters to Your Younger Self

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