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What's Your Procrastination Trigger?

Whether you're still vacillating between doing NC or trying the path of least resistance, or whether you're struggling with taking some uncomfortable and difficult steps that would actually make your life easier, help NC and ultimately help you move forward, you are procrastinating, delaying and putting off something that is keeping you stuck in an uncomfortable comfort zone. In turn, you're delaying the necessary action and potentially inviting more pain into your life.

Common examples of procrastination triggers with NC

"Maybe they could change and I just need to give them a little more time." Hoping for change rather than exacting change in your own life.

"Maybe they'll see how distressed I am and either give me the relationship I want or at least make this easier by doing the right thing." Putting it all on them to do the right thing by you while signing on for more pain.

"I don't think I can stick to NC." Not believing in yourself.

"I'm waiting until I feel stronger to do this." Still not believing in yourself and thinking there's some magic strength.

"I need to be absolutely 100% certain of my decision." Looking to work something out to the nth degree before you'll act but actually delaying being committed to an outcome.

"I cannot proceed without getting some answers from them that I believe would give me closure and give me the green light to go NC and get on with my life." Avoiding action and responsibility by giving them all the power and choosing to remain invested under this guise of 'needing' them.

"I feel bored and when I feel this way, they, even in all of their pain in the arse ways, look better than being alone." Needing them to be the entertainment in your life and soothing yourself on them, instead of reinvigorating your own life.

"If I stop replying to their emails and keep them at a distance, they'll think I'm immature." Letting your ego rule and worrying more about how you look instead of thinking about how you're acting.

All of this avoidance though, simply boils down to avoiding taking action.

Use the procrastination trigger worksheet which is available from the Help Yourself section of your module.