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Who Do You Think You Are? Mini Class and Worksheet

I’ve created a worksheet for helping you to do a little brainstorming about who you want to be. I hear from so many people who don’t feel ‘good enough’ yet they don’t even know what that would even look like plus we can feel daunted by the prospect of change because it feels like we have so much to do – remember that you’re not looking to create a new person from scratch; you are looking to evolve. There is a great person within you that’s waiting to be dusted off, acknowledged and let out to live.

Considering who you think you are and where you want to evolve will help you to start living congruently with your values which not only includes supporting them with the actions but also making sure that you seek out what matters in your interactions and choices.

It’s also important to do this exercise for another reason: because you can immediately spot what you recognise as patterns of unhealthy behaviour that you’re already dissatisfied with and by starting to create an awareness of who and what you want to evolve into, you can see where you’re taking you down a path that detracts from you.

It can seem like it’s a humongous task to discover who you really are when you’ve already spent a significant portion of your life being a certain way. Good self-esteem involves recognising that you’re not perfect nor are you ever going to be perfect, and knowing that you going to err along the way, but liking and loving you anyway.

Look at who you’d like to be – are you trying to attain perfection?

Remember that many people who worry about being ‘good enough’ are actually unwittingly seeking perfection. What we often forget to do is have evaluate what ‘good enough’ and ‘perfection’ look like. If we did, we’d see that there’s actually been no difference and go a lot easier on ourselves.

Remember that there’s no such thing as perfection – tap your heels together three times with me and say it.

As a quick exercise, get a piece of paper and divide it into three and do an ‘unacceptable’ ‘good enough’ and ‘perfection list – you may shock yourself to see that you may have no difference between at two of your lists so you’re ‘unacceptable’ may be empty because you’re ‘good enough’ is what you’re treating as unacceptable and what you’re seeking to feel ‘good enough’ is ‘perfection’. That was exhausting to write and it’s even more tiring to live it.

Enjoy the worksheet which you can download here (PDF).

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