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How often is content updated in the membership?

Membership content is updated each month (normally between 10th-15th) with a new class/short course, plus smaller updates happen throughout the month (e.g. a new resource added or updated). 

How much of my time will it require each month?

As much or as little as you like. This isn't like school or a course you're following along with a group. Read, listen and watch whenever and as often as you want. Life's stresses don't roll out on a timeline and keep in mind that sometimes what we find challenging isn't necessarily something negative (positive life events can be just as triggering too). What I've found is that members find their own rhythm. If you have a super hectic month, there's no need to panic -- the membership will still be here. The one thing I will stress though is that if you suspect that part of you is feeling as if you "don't have time" is about fear of knowing you better or fear of change, don't give up. If anything, reach out to me via Office Hours or post in the Facebook Group so that you can use the membership in a way that's best suited to your needs.

I'm experiencing a technical issue. Help!

Start by checking out the technical support guide and then email us for support.

How do I join the secret Facebook group?

If you would like to join the Facebook group, drop us an email to and we will process your request as quickly as possible--you will receive an invitation from Facebook asking you to click to join the group (it's a secret group so you can't search it).

There's a lot of content and sometimes I feel overwhelmed. Help!

The membership's been running since May 2016, and so quite a lot of content has amassed in that time. You don't need to consume 'everything', and it's about tapping into what your needs are. A huge overhaul of how the membership runs has been in progress since summer 2018. The aim is to help to manage overwhelm, and content will be laid out in a way that guides and supports you without being too prescriptive. There will still be lots of resources, but you'll be able to steer your focus and as such, customise your experience.

How often is Office Hours?

Once a month with occasional bonus sessions. It's normally the third Wednesday of the month (if it's a 5-week month) or basically the Wednesday after the 10th of the month. Session dates are on The Hub (dashboard page).

How much time do you spend on questions submitted in Office Hours?

12-15 minutes generally. 

What's the best way to maximise my Office Hours submission?

Stick to the word count and one core question that's specific rather than being broad and wide-reaching. The more questions included is the less time I can give to each specific question or really get to the heart of the issue. 

Can I request for a specific subject to be covered?

Yes please. Email with your suggestion and I'll make it happen. Try to be as specific as possible about the type of help that you need with a subject as this helps me to best serve your needs.

I need to cancel my membership. How do I do this?

Email at least 72 hours before the day of your next renewal and it will be processed. Your subscription will end the day before what would have been your next renewal date. No refunds (or partial refunds) are provided for cancelled subscriptions.

Can I download content before my cancellation takes place?

Yes, of course. Remember that membership content is issued to you so please don't share and distribute the content elsewhere after your subscription ends. Thank you!

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